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knowing your trees and how they are positioned in your landscape design

Welcome to my creative world of beauty

Hello there! For those who haven't met me, let me introduce myself first. I am Rachel Mitchell, the owner and designer and residential builder at Rachel's home and garden llc. over the years I have renovated homes and built homes and gardens as those are my cravings for making things better and prettier. I am a mom turned business woman. I mothered my kids and maybe my husband first. But they are too stubborn and have their mind set to have their own ways, so I suddenly realised that I needed a project to work on that I can shape it, mould it and make it perfect the way I like it. I used to disappear in my gardens for hours without realising how long I have been in the garden until my children though I was eaten up by the giant bean stalk or captured by the big foot living in the woods on our farm. Luckily my profession is also my passion, fixing your garden is my obsession if you allow me. My pass time is driving around neighbourhood critiquing homes and gardens. Your garden is the most cost effective investment and immediate improvement to our living environment.

A good garden start with a good planning. A good planning takes knowledge and professional expertise. Getting to know what makes you feel good about your living environment is the start of a good garden plan.

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