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A garden of all Seasons

Proper planning is the key to a beautiful garden through out the season. let me be part of your garden dream.

Spring melody

Spring shower brings flower! Last fall we put in the tulip. This spring comes the reward.

Retaining wall landscape design

when it comes to landscape solutions incorporate hardsca with planting, the results are more dimensional and practical.


a patio is all you need to enjoy your backyard fully.

A beautiful garden

colors, shapes, textures of plants, trees, rocks placed and cared by knowledgeable gardener to creat a ever increasing and ever evolving...

Hidden Gem

Your basement can be a hidden Gem. you are not taxed on your basement usable space but it could be the coolest part of your house. how...

A historical transformation

Patience and practice make a good painter. A designer‘s knowledge and training in design and art guide the painter in the finishing of...

Interior and exterior painting

nothing beat a fresh layer of coat, just like a new dress, the right color is just like the right dress. The result is instant.

There’s a season for everything

This is the season to enjoy the beautiful colors change of trees in Michigan. It is also the time to plant trees. Plant them now, enjoys...

Get it ready for the big Day

Ryann and Megan set to get married in two weeks and they have a lot on their plate. I did landscaping work for Ryann’s Mom and she...

Easy tips to reduce waste at the jobsite

Thoughtful Planning and appropriately execute the Plan can save any project a great deal both on material and labour cost, also it‘s the...

How to creat a color themed garden

Dressing up a garden is no difference from dressing up ourselves when it comes to color themes. Do you have a favourite color? Does...

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